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About Us

We are professional scientists and engineers  with more than 30 year's experience in applied physics, electronics, and hardware / software development.

We work closely with our customers to understand
their specific needs, so we can provide the best, most robust, most reliable solutions possible.

Then and Now

We started a long time ago, designing sensor systems to monitor electrical activity in the heart, and respiration in newborn babies.

We did it because it was challenging, but mostly because it was important. We were good at what we did, and we created all sorts of great products.

We still do.

After all these years, perhaps we've lost some hair, but we haven't lost our enthusiasm. Our passion and dedication remain the same.

We still enjoy what we do, and we still build great systems, using the best sensors, signal processors, enclosures and network technologies available.

When you work with us, you'll find we've stayed true to our origins - we still provide great products, based on great technologies.

You can be sure we'll get the job done.

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It's What We Do

We design and build customised, robust, reliable sensor networks, using the best sensors, the best data processors and the best network systems.

Whatever your requirements, we can design the best solution, then build it, deliver it, roll it out, and support it.

We build systems for all sorts of measurements ...
- temperature, humidity, moisture, sound, light
- acceleration, rotation, motion, pressure, force
- vibration, flow, EMF, magnetic fields
- gases, chemicals, pollutants
- VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

using all sorts of technologies ...
- thin-film, CMOS, PTFE
- hard-wired or networked (PAN, LAN, WAN)
- Bluetooth, including Bluetooth LE
- ZigBee 802.15.4
- WiFi 802.11
- Cloud, Mac, PC and mobile
- Internet Of Things

in all sorts of industries ...
- health and medicine
- sports and fitness
- engineering and automotive
- mining and agriculture
- industry and commerce
- science and research
- retail and domestic

for all sorts of applications ...
- low-power
- biological systems
- pressure mapping
- weather and psychrometrics
- kinematic modelling
- trajectory reconstruction
- expert systems
- intrusion detection
- process control and data logging
- transport & logistics
- asset tracking
- OH&S, emergency and rescue
- wine cellars and food storage
- environmental monitoring